How to Conquer Menopause

What are the Most Common Signs of Menopause?

Common signs of menopause include physical and mental  symptoms and although there are common factors for a lot of women, the degree of and number of symptoms can vary significantly.

The most common symptoms reported by women during perimenopause include: mood swings, irritability, headaches (often migraine), hot flashes, night sweats, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, loss of libido, water retention, belly fat, dry skin and vaginal dryness.

Hormone Changes
As we age, we begin to produce less estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This is the main reason and cause of menopause symptoms.

Do you find yourself crying for no apparent reason at all? In fact, your emotions are often out of control? This is typically called mood swings and is another indicator that your hormone levels have dropped.

Hot Flashes can be unbearable for some women and affect others a lot less. You either have them or you do not - no explanation necessary.

Other symptoms like chronic fatigue and hard to pinpoint aches and pains creep up on us and we tend to ignore them because they are not life threatening. But most women report that when they supplement hormones, their old energy comes back and their bodies feel good again.

Strange Hair Growth -
The hair on your head starts to get thinner and your find hair growing out of places it never did before such as your lip and chin.

A lot of women report not being able to sleep all through the night and that the sleep they do get is not deep or restful enough.

Many women report a gain of weight in the middle of their bodies (hence the term belly fat) as well as a tendency to retain water a lot more.

Women who experience vaginal dryness will have pain during intercourse. Put that alongside the inevitable loss of libido, and the need to balance your hormones becomes closer to survival.

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Information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.

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Menopause Symptoms

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